Bring Back the Pantry! Project Update

Thanks to our many generous donors the Pantry Project has begun!

Contractor Ryan Clements begins removals of infill trim on hall side.


Next, wall board behind beaded board infill is revealed and a small start hole seen in the left hand picture begins the process of removal.

Then, on the Dining Room side – removal of infill chair rail and baseboard moldings begins.  Note small hole in wall made before demolition to determine wall structure in doorway area.  With moldings off, removal of wall board infill begins.

With wall board removed, removal of infill support structure begins.

Removal of final pieces of infill supports reveals original 1830’s door structure.

RCHS Board Member Doug Bucher and Ryan Clements in the reopened Pantry/Dining Room doorway.


Please make sure to check back soon for additional updates on the Pantry Project!