Our members are our most important asset and the soul of the experiences the Rensselaer County Historical Society exists to create. We are dedicated to studying and telling stories because we believe that our past informs our present and supports the growth of our future. However, we recognize that this tradition should exist in both practical and enjoyable capacities. Membership at RCHS is grounded in community. We combine history with elements of entertainment and connection. We build bonds between knowledge and people. We cultivate a community that thrives on learning from one another, and gathers together to discover, educate, intrigue and innovate. 

While membership with RCHS offers you free passes, discounts and cool stuff, the core of our program rewards most distinctly through experience. Membership with us bestows access to a growing community of individuals with similar interests. Our philosophy is both receptive and active. Each of our members cares about expanding their network of friends and support. Membership encourages the value of education and propels participation in our events. It is for people who want to be intellectually inspired and in the loop. It is for those who want to support an institution through engagement. It acknowledges that the best way to sustain our values and collective is to be involved in the goings-on about town. 

Membership offers space and moments to connect, to adventure and to listen to stories so we may pass them on. We are a growing community of people from a multitude of backgrounds. By nature, our members form their own micro-circles that stem from mutual interests, age groups and activities. 

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Membership Levels

*Please note that all memberships are valid on a calendar year basis*

New Scholars (Student) | $25.00

Same benefits as Individual membership.

Historians (Individual) | $50.00

Includes: Free admission to museum and research library; E-newsletter with calendar of events; Special event invitations; Special rates for RCHS programs; 10% discount in the museum shop.

Genealogists (Family) | $75.00

Same benefits as Individual plus: membership extends to your immediate family.

Antiquarians | $125.00

Same benefits as Family plus: Two guest passes to the annual Holiday Greens Show; Two passes to Hart-Cluett Historic House tours.

Chronologists | $250.00

Same benefits as Antiquarian plus: Two passes to the elegant Annual Greens Show Preview Party.

Betsey Howard Hart Company | $500.00

Same benefits as Chronologist plus: A special exhibit reception and private Hart-Cluett House tour.

Thomas Phelan Circle | $1000.00

Same benefits as Betsey Howard Hart Company plus: An 8x10 Edgar Holloway Print reproduction.

RCHS Angel | $1500.00

Same benefits as Thomas Phelan Circle plus: A private Behind the Scenes tour.

Corporate/Business Membership Levels

*Please note that all memberships are valid on a calendar year basis*


All as listed below plus RCHS Historian available to give a private presentation to your business on varied topics of historical significance


All as listed below plus a private Hart-Cluett House Museum tour or a private behind-the-scenes tour for up to 12 people


All as listed below plus a private one-hour 12 person walking tour; Access to reduced rates for private special events for your clients in RCHS galleries


All as listed below plus 2 passes for the Holiday Greens Show and 2 passes for the elegant Holiday Greens Show Preview Party


Receive name recognition on the RCHS website; Treat up to 8 of your employees with gallery passes; Reserve, at no cost, the Robison Family Meeting Room for a business meeting of up to 2 hours; Access to the RCHS Research Library to uncover historic photographs and documentation related to your building(s) and project sites

For more information please call (518) 272-7232 x 11 or email: melissa@rchsonline.org

Thank you Corporate Members for your support!

United Group of Companies, Inc.

American Housing Foundation, Inc.

Gramercy Communications

Pioneer Bank

Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Rifenburg Contracting Corporation

Clement Frame & Art Shop, Inc.

Cannon Heyman & Weiss, LLP